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Found and Lost

    This Photograph “ Found and Lost”  is based on my painful experience of losing items. One time, I left my photograph frame on the hallway wall for later pickup. I never thought someone would take it. But, unfortunately I lost it in a short of time. I made a poster with a picture of the lost item and put it on the same wall where my frame leaned. 

    After a few hours, I surprisingly received a voice message on my cellphone. It basically said, “ I saw your lost item under your poster.” I immediately ran to check out my camera and took this photograph. 

    I was so excited, not because my lost item had been found, but I had experienced something being lost, who took my frame? what was the reason for returning the frame? Why did he/she put the frame back instead of letting me know? How many other people saw the scene but ignored it? What triggered Jorge, the person who left me the voice message? 

    The item returned, and the story lost.  How can we find back our consciousness on what has been found and lost in our everyday?

Re-enactment of Found and Lost


Edited 3 minutes of 4hours

Pasadena, Art Center College of Design,

Art Gallery, 2013


    Lost and Found department at Art Center College of Design receives approximately 500 items every term, but only about half of the items are claimed. The items are found but their owners are lost now. The department always donates all the found items to charity after storing them for one year. The students don’t really know about the existence of the Lost and Found storage because the college doesn’t make it public.

     I did a collaborative project with "Lost and Found" department in 2013.  They promised to open the storage for students in the following year, but It hasn't happened. 

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